Protect your organization against the increasing attacks made by armies of impersonating robots.

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Detect and stop bad bots

Improve the security of your platforms

Protect your legitimate users

Stop automated bots

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Stop large-scale identity fraud schemes, powered by bots performing credential testing, credential stuffing and account take over.

Stop spam bots from writing fake product reviews, creating fake social media accounts to write fake or biased content.

Stop scalper bots from purchasing tickets or product units in scale, which leads to denial of inventory, harming your users’ experience and your brand.

Stop trained bots, which simulate human behavior to appear as human traffic and solve traditional authentication challenges, bypassing captcha and network filters.

Block bots and

defend your platforms

With the advancement of AI techniques, click farms, and botnets, traditional solutions such as captchas and web application firewalls are less and less efficient in detecting bots. Spidx goes beyond the logic of these old-fashioned solutions by adding a novel layer of protection against attacks using a specialized third-party app to authenticate your users.


Know for sure that you are dealing with:

A human,
not a bot.

A unique human,
not a fraudster using a lot of accounts.

A specific human,
not a impersonation fraud case.

Let your organization:

Authenticate your users with user-friendly and reliable checks for your website and mobile apps.

Build trust in your platforms and your brand by keeping your services always available to legitimate users.

Use the best bot and botnet prevention solution at no cost.

How Spidx blocks bots

Spidx checks replace traditional authentication methods, such as challenge-response and captcha.

Our active verifications block traffic from problematic networks or suspicious devices.

In our platform, you can choose to authenticate your users at various levels of assurance.

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