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Our company is backed by a team of engineers that are working for over 20 years in the identification industry, having developed proprietary algorithms for fingerprint, palmprint, iris, face recognition, and more.

Our ABIS technology is used by the most demanding institutions all around the world, including the US Department of Defense.

This experienced team has partnered with User Experience experts to bring to the market the perfect balance between safety and a good experience in digital identification processes.

Safety & Experience Balance

Solving identity-related problems, such as identity theft, fraud, customer chargeback, account takeover, stolen credentials, and the universal lack of adequate identification services is a big challenge. Pursuing the answer to these issues has been driving our work for a long time. 

The digital era brought new challenges to businesses, among which is the absolute need to offer convenience for its end-users. That demands a flexible and customizable way to remotely define their digital processes for verifying identities. We are well aware of that.

Because of this, Safety & Experience Balance means a lot to us. It means the best way to help our clients to provide a highly secure, contactless authentication service that can uniquely identify any person globally with unmatched privacy, cost, and convenience.

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