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This demo presents Spidx Biometrics functionalities. If you are over 13 and agree to proceed click one of the desired buttons.

Liveness Face Capture
Capture a photo of your user's face while ensuring they are capturing in real time and are cognizant     
Fingerprint Capture
Capture fingerprints using just your user's smartphone camera     
Identity Trust Score
Determine how likely a user is to be a real person on a real device from our confidence score


Spidx does not store any of your information. Your data is immediatly deleted. Spidx does not store any of your biometrics or PII in its servers. All data displayed is held in your browser's cache only

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Use Cases

Easy User Login    
Have your users make an easy and safe passwordless login  
Full User Onboarding
Collect all information you need to onboard your users, including biometrics

Check our integration platform Spidx Admin

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