Connect to real people

Make sure you are connecting with the right person. Fastly

Identity Trust Score

The right metric to guarantee the uniqueness of each identity

Trust who is on the other side

By analyzing the Identity Trust Score of each user, you can trust you’re dealing with the right person.

Constant Updates

Score evolves over time according to the user’s interactions with organizations and the informations the user provides.

Suspection Alerts

Detected frauds are used to adjust the score and are broadcasted to the network of partners.

Leave no one behind

Spidx is the smartest way for businesses to connect with legitimate customers and prevent fraudsters, providing services to leverage business security and manage customers.

Leave no one behind
Stop Frauds and Fakes

Prevent Frauds and Fakes

With security and fraud prevention as a core driving value, Spidx combines tried-and-true multi-biometric recognition technology, artificial intelligence algorithms, and a team of experts that actively monitor and manually review high-risk transactions.

Join a trust community

In Spidx, your evaluations of each user are supported by a network of businesses that are constantly validating people all around the globe.

Join a trust community

Identity Lifecycle Management

Onboarding and Registration

Take advantage of a robust process that is ready to make you approve more users and trust who they are.

Facial Recognition

Authenticate your users using the finest remote multibiometric recognition technology with a robust liveness check.

Identity Management

We help you in managing who your users really are with a constantly updated and network integrated score.

Customizable Verification Flow

Customizable Verification Flow

Implement tailored verification processes to suit your risk and compliance needs.

Passwordless Login

Allow your users to easily and securely login into your services by going passwordless using the Spidx app. No need to memorize new passwords anymore.

Global Solution

We help you establishing global operations by offering unique solutions for customers all over the world.

Our experience helps your company avoid fraud

Artificial Intelligence

Our proprietary AI biometric technology lets your business instantly know of any duplicated person using Spidx.

Team of forensic experts

Our forensic experts are actively dealing with suspect transactions, helping your business to treat exceptions in a smart way.

We put the experience of your user first

Seamless identification experience

Seamless identification experience

If you’re struggling to find the sweet spot between providing a good user experience and defining a robust and secure process, we’re ready to help you find the perfect balance.

Integrating Spidx with your business is easy

plug and play

Quickly add the Spidx Button

It’s easy to implement the Spidx button on your service using our SDKs.
With all the support from our side.
For free.

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